Getting Others to Notice Your Paper’s Abstract

Although it is not the main part of your research paper, the Abstract still serves a very important purpose: it allows other researchers to quickly determine whether your research can help them with their study. Although not everyone cares if their work is cited by others, this usually matters to serious researchers. After months or even years of hard work, it can be heart-breaking if your study is ignored, which is why it is important to have a good abstract.

So read on to get some ideas on how to make your paper more noticeable to others.

  1. Stick to the word count

Depending upon where you plan on submitting your paper, there may be a different word count needed. Therefore, you should adjust your abstract to the requirements of your teacher or the journal you are sending your paper to.

  1. Consider your target audience

As a way to market your papers to others, your abstract should be written to catch their attention. So think who might be interested in your paper - people in your field, researchers from related disciplines, government personnel, or the general public - and write the abstract so that they can see that it is relevant to them.

  1. Include only the main points

The abstract is supposed to be brief, which is why you will have to rack your brain to consider what to include and what to leave out. Make sure the most important parts are summarized in the abstract so that readers may know at a glance if your research will be helpful or not.

  1. Use SEO keywords

Because there are thousands of researches online already, it makes sense to utilize SEO techniques so that others may discover your paper and not somebody else’s. Do some research on the common keywords people search for that are connected to your study and include a fair amount of those words in your abstract.

  1. Avoid complex jargon

Although some researches are field-specific, it does not mean that it cannot be useful to somebody in another field. So avoid using complex jargon in your abstract, or you may cause others to skip over your paper because they do not understand what your study is all about. Instead, use layman terms as the technical terms can be explained in your paper.

  1. Do not just copy and paste

Perhaps because of lack of time or imagination, some choose to just copy and paste key lines from their paper. Sadly, the result is not very enticing, and it lessens the excitement of your study as your reader will encounter the exact lines when they read. So try to rephrase those important thoughts, making them a bit more interesting for those who are taking a quick look at your abstract.


Though the abstract is just a preview of your paper, if you want others to read what you have done, the abstract must be enticing. So consider the tips above to ensure that others take a closer look at what you have written.

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