Basic Do’s And Don’ts Of Writing An Essay Conclusion

Hands down, an effective essay conclusion is definitely among one of the most challenging tasks for students. It provides a thought-provoking ending to your work and leaves readers with warm feelings about rightly-spent time. Unfortunately, a lot of young essay-writers often confuse things that have to present in every conclusion with the things that have nothing to do with it.

What to Include in Your Essay Conclusion

One of the common traps that students constantly fall into is transforming an ordinary conclusion into more than a summary. In other words, they try to recreate the whole work in the final part of their work. Remember that the value of a conclusion is uncountable since it’s your last chance to either make your reader impressed with your work or leave him or her dissatisfied. To structure your paper perfectly, you will need to keep the following rules in mind.


  1. Link your conclusion to the introduction.
  2. It’s always a great trick to make use of your creativity and connect the first part of your story with the last.

  3. End on a positive note.
  4. Finish with a sentence that would leave your reader with joyful feelings about your story.

  5. Remind the reader about your main points.
  6. Don’t be afraid to introduce your predominant concepts one more time, just make your reader recall your fundamental ideas.

  7. Deepen your discussion.
  8. Show your preconceptions from a wider perspective and force your reader to think of your ideas in a different context.

  9. Contemplate using a famous quote.
  10. As a rule, it has to come naturally. Read through your story and a relevant saying should occur to your mind.


  1. Simply end your paper.
  2. If your work is rather short (300 words), your reader doesn’t need to be reminded of the whole story. Don’t summarize, just finalize.

  3. Restrain from typically-annoying phrases.
  4. Forget about the stock phrases (in conclusion, in summary). Try to be innovative and start your ending in a unique way.

  5. Isolate from new critical points.
  6. Don’t analyze a new topic in your conclusion. Adhere to the already established pattern and stay away from new ideas.

  7. Be creative.
  8. Don’t simply repeat the points mentioned in the body paragraphs. This will make your end section too dull to read, instead, just think of clever paraphrasing.

  9. Stay concrete.
  10. It’s highly advisable not to end your essay with statements that you can’t backup. Come up with something that everyone is familiar with.

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