Popular Essay Topics For College: Top 20 Hot Questions

In college students typically write more essays at this stage of their educational career than any other stage. Term papers, homework assignments, and projects all seem to be different formats of the same objective that are known as essays.

Sometimes it can be quite hard to create a specific topic that is unique and not written down to the ground. Here is a list of 20 hot popular questions that students can use for their next open essay assignments.

  1. Has the 2016 United States Presidential Race shown just how corrupt the country’s politics are?
  2. Are individuals who do not have any medical reasoning abusing the label “gluten-free” or is it becoming a health epidemic?
  3. How has Justin Trudeau redefined the position/standard of being the Prime Minister of Canada?
  4. Are fine dining restaurants going out of style due to excelling menu prices?
  5. What do you think about the Obama administration (including Obama as President of the United States)? Was he and his administration a great benefit during his two terms to the country/world or a detriment?
  6. In the United States, should the legal drinking age of alcohol (including the purchase age) be raised to 23 years old, reduced to 18 years old, or stay the same?
  7. Seeing the current state of how much money in taxes marijuana has generated in the state of Colorado… should every state legalize marijuana? If so, do you think it will reduce the criminal activity of the illegal drug?
  8. Do violent video games and/or movies promote violence to all age groups?
  9. How can we stop the endless violence in poverty-stricken areas such as the south side of Chicago?
  10. What are your thoughts on the modern day feminist movement?
  11. Are people infringing upon others 1st amendment rights because they don’t disagree with them?
  12. Why are Millennials being labeled “the most overly-entitled generation” to exist right now?
  13. If you could create a plan to stop ISIS, what would be your strategy? (Include the help of other countries and why if applicable.)
  14. Should Fathers in America be able to have a “financial abortion” to a kid they do not want, when Mothers can have a “physical abortion” without the Father’s opinion?
  15. Do you believe that stricter gun laws will help reduce the mass shootings in America?
  16. Is Bernie Sanders on the right path to wishing for a “Democratic Socialist Revolution?”
  17. Should religion be completely removed from schools or accepted across the board without limits?
  18. Should every major in college include a class of Entrepreneurship to promote free market and career independence?
  19. Has Hip-Hop music played a role in promoting violence through its lyrics and lifestyle?
  20. What are your opinions on the current state of the country’s deficit right now?

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