A List Of Interesting Topics For An Essay On American History

The field of American history is a very interesting one, to say the least. Although, most schools and high schools start teaching only the very basic events that have taken place in the country of the United States of America, the subject, as a whole, deals with many more events than only the major ones that have been instrumental in shaping the current face of the country, specifically, and continent, in general. However, history may seem like a cumbersome subject if the topics are not interesting themselves. This is the whole point of writing an essay on American history. Take a look at the following ideas presented by a trusted essay writing service.

  • Pre-discovery and discovery
  • We all know the story about how Christopher Columbus discovered the new land, now known as America. However, the lives of the natives prior to this huge discovery and how it effectively resulted in a huge change taking place in the indigenous society are also included in the study of this subject. This is the study of the early face of the continent of America. This portion of the subject also deals with how the lives of the natives are right now and how they have been persecuted for centuries till the American government finally decided to take measures to prevent discrimination.

  • American War of Independence
  • The American war of Independence is one of the major events that simply cannot be overlooked or stressed on enough while studying this subject. How the British succeeded in colonising the United States, the war that ensued, its relationship with the French revolutionary war, cultural and ideological changes that resulted, the founding fathers, and most importantly, the Boston tea party are just a few of the points that are, although common knowledge, are pivotal to the subject of American history.

  • The American Civil War
  • This is the second major war that changed the face of American society. The war essentially took place between the Northern and Southern confederations, the latter of which wanted to secede from the Union of states. The issue mainly arose because the two blocs were divided on the opinions regarding slavery. Abraham Lincoln, who was later assassinated, was hailed as the hero.

  • The black civil rights movement
  • Some essay topics on the black civil rights movement includes:

    • The main actors and pioneers of the Black Civil Rights movement in the United States.
    • Kennedy was advocated by many activists as the harbinger of hope. Why and what happened as a result of his assassination?
    • Black rights and literature.
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