A Collection Of 18 Topics For Your Expository Essay About Xenophobia

It is a pity that in this age and time, there are people who still find it difficult to get along with others other than those that they are affiliated to either racially or in some other cultural way. The world is changing, and now more than ever, we need to be able to tolerate one another.

An expository essay about xenophobia is not just about writing an essay, it is also about showing your teacher that you are able to coexist with others around you. In fact, that is the whole concept behind learning. Here are some discussion topics that you can consider:

  1. Discuss the problem of racism in modern day France
  2. Explain the reasons for the support of the far-right parties
  3. Discuss the xenophobic themes as portrayed in Othello
  4. Discuss the influence that multiculturalism has had on students all over the world
  5. Discuss the manner in which movies portray racial undertones, citing relevant examples
  6. Explain the plight of racism in European football
  7. Discuss the history of bilingual education, and how this has evolved over the years
  8. Explain some of the key benefits of multilingualism in the modern society
  9. Discuss how globalization has affected the social work norms
  10. Discuss the benefits that would accrue to an individual who speaks two languages
  11. Explain some of the reasons for the massive anti – Islam sentiments that are popular within the US
  12. Discuss how the Merchant of Venice highlights the xenophobic stereotypes that we see in the world today
  13. Critically examine the cultural disparities that existed in ancient China, and compare them with the situation currently prevalent
  14. Discuss the historical injustice of discrimination that was meted against the Italian immigrants in American history
  15. Discuss the concept of globalization, based on the element of cultural diffusion
  16. Explain how inequality for women has been further aggravated through xenophobic actions
  17. Discuss the challenges that victims of xenophobia go through when they are in a different country away from home
  18. Discuss how the burden of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants plays into the hands of perpetrators of xenophobia

With these concepts in mind, do not forget about the need to get your work properly researched. You have to put in as much effort as possible to get the grades that you desire.

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