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  Support Bonaire, Inc.
  PMB# 340
2525 Arapahoe Avenue
  Suite E4
  Boulder, Colorado 80302
  Tel/Fax: (303) 484-4646


Support Bonaire, Inc.

With deep regret, we announce the closing of Support Bonaire, Inc. We will stop accepting donations on November 30, 2013 so that we may process any final donations and distribute them to the charitable projects on Bonaire by the end of December 2013.

Palm Trees at Bonaire's Pink Beach - Photo Copyright (c) 2002 by Jake RichterSince our founding as a US501(c)3 charity in June 2001, we have been accepting US tax deductible donations from US citizens for various charitable projects on Bonaire. After many discussions, the Board of Directors has made some strategic decisions about managing SBI going forward. Due to steadily increasing operating costs and the time required by the all-volunteer Board members to maintain SBI, we would have to start covering our operating costs by retaining a portion of donated funds. Given the relatively small number of donations we receive annually, the Board of Directors has decided not to do that. We would like to thank all our board members, past and present.

The NGOs of Bonaire still need the support of donors. In light of this need, we hope to leave a web page up at www.SupportBonaire.org with the contact information for NGOs and their projects. It would be very helpful if all the NGOs that we are contacting with this email, would make sure we have your most current information. This should include: web site URL, email address, contact name, phone numbers, and physical address if appropriate. The Board of Support Bonaire, Inc.⨪


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